Papers and More

I should probably call this post paperless because Papers helps achieve this almost instantly.ย  I spent a significant amount of time reading through what researchers do to ensure a good workflow of reading, collating and referencing articles and books.ย  Had I not seen my wife’s trees of papers blocking doorways and becoming the size of furniture pieces, I would not have even imagined it would be an issue.ย  In the same way many projects fail because logistics are underestimated, I felt this was something of a weak link that needed addressing.

My target was, and remains, to have the ability to work on a flight, in an office, at home or in a cafe with everything – yes everything – to do with my PhD on me or accessible online. ย I am pleased (and cannot believe) that with an iPad and a few apps this is truly possible. ย It is not the only app I use. ย I have a page on my iPad dedicated to my PhD apps. ย The synchronisation of DropBox and Pages is very useful and apps that help with searches in journals are always welcome.

The only other thing I carry is a small notebook and a pen. ย Whilst there are notebook type apps, I’m still more comfortable doing that the normal human way.