It’s Called Teleworking!

Ok I’ve been reading quite a bit about this subject. It’s called teleworking, and whilst we don’t have anything like it in this part of the world, it’s a growing phenomenun in the West. I was surprised to see how many companies have offered more flexibility in the last few years – both in order to make savings (and keep jobs) and to offer a better work-life-balance to employees.

Still wondering how to bring this subject into a PhD… It has to be within the area of career progression and maintaining contact with virtual teams.

Working Remotely

This is an exciting time, my wife keeps reminding me. I’m thinking about topics! BAsed on my experience, I’ve been thinking about the possibility about this topic. People who work away from their head offices. I’ve had an interesting mix in my work: both managing representatives across the Middle East and reporting back to head offices in France and USA.

This could be very interesting. The angle may be closer to home than I would like… I’m thinking about motivation and career progression among people who have are in similar positions… The notion of ‘Out of sight, out of mind’.


Management, Marketing and Project Management are all the fields I would love to explore.  When it comes to teaching in the future and indeed further research, Marketing wins hands down.

The interest in all these areas is more practical than academic.  Fifteen years in industry and in different jobs and different countries offer a nice collection of war stories to share with students.

What If…

A few years ago, we packed our London house, rented it out, moved to a short-let apartment near Kew Bridge and I typed my letter of resignation.  I had a job offer from Kuwait University, pending a place in a university, and I was ready to move to Washington DC.  I was looking at when to go, only to realize that the ‘approved’ list of institutions by KU had changed.  Our belongings were in storage by then;  Our son, Yousef, was just over a year old and our daughter was beginning  her journey to join us in this world.  Life had other plans for us, and when Noor was three months old, we were back in Kuwait.

Fast forward to last night.  Work is great but some challenges at management level are leaving me frustrated.  It was acceptable until last week when actions spoke louder than words and my actions had to be equal and opposite!  I made it clear that what happened was unfair and unacceptable.  It wasnt enough.  I needed to change jobs before I loose my fantastic relationships with so many great peoples in a wonderful organization.  It was simply not worth it over one person!

So in considering options, I mentioned (almost jokingly) the idea of a PhD.  We  had a ‘what if’ conversation and I started pacing up and down our living room as my wife and I discussed ideas on how to bring me back onto the academic road. Is this really an option?

Five hours later, I was still pacing!